Chapter 7. The Rain


Last time, the adventurers had just subdued the false Zin-Guna in the wake of a strange violet-colored acidic rain. Now, it continued to rain… and rain… and rain.

In the rain, they saw the shadowy forms of Klag and one of the Zin-Guna’s former raiders, a raptor called Gritsle. They explained that their camp was pinned down by a strange foe: a gaggle of laser-firing cyborg pelicans.

The adventurers were desperate to rescue their fellows in the camp, but they were stymied by the acid rain, so they devised a plan to construct umbrellas out of layers of ferns. Those who braved the rain to collect the ferns felt it sizzle and burn their skin. Once the umbrellas were constructed, they trudged back toward their camp.

On the way, the acid rain burned through their fern umbrellas, and they were searched around for cover. They discovered a strange group of metallic outcroppings that seemed to line either side of a walkway, providing temporary shelter from the rain. Within the shade created by these outcroppings, a flickering image of a weeping woman beckoned. She led the party underground into a large atrium full of similar flickering images all going about their business – some of them eating, others shopping at phantom vendors, or relaxing on benches. Both Hominids and Saurians were among them.

The weeping woman, a Hominid named Caen-gul, explained the source of her sorrow: her beloved Bellingus had put her away, explaining that the impending comet strike made their relationship too much to bear. Apparently he couldn’t stand the thought of her being snuffed out like that, or perhaps the thought of her seeing him snuffed out, and considered it best to separate. Suffice to say this left Caen-gul deeply bereft.

Amblys asked where Bellingus was now, and Caen-gul led the adventurers to a lower level where he sat at a restaurant table. Amblys then spoke to Caen-gul, cleverly leading him to believe that Caen-gul had taken up with another man. This roused Bellingus and he ran off to renew his love for her.

Just then, there was a flash of light and then a deafening shatter. Then all the flickering images disappeared, and the adventurers were left in a chamber that appeared to be the ruins of what they had seen among the flickering images. It seemed as though they’d seen a vision of what the place had been like just before the great comet strike that destroyed the civilization of the Saurians.

Next, the adventurers hastened back to camp. There, they found eight cyborg pelicans firing lasers over the heads of their tribesmen, who were trapped in a muddy depression gradually filling with puddles of acid rain. Springing to action, the adventurers braved the burning rain, and took down the pelicans in pitched battle.

Finally, the rain abated. With the tribe rescued and the rain resolved, the last order of business was to deal with the false Zin-Guna. All militated for her execution, but they stayed their hand long enough to interrogate her about the real Zin-Guna. Then they discovered that this false Zin-Guna, whose real name was Kretch, had been forced into service by a certain Rha-Tusha, who had captured her eggs and threatened to destroy them if she did not do his bidding. This Rha-Tusha was a Saurian rival of Zin-Guna, and the leader of a heresy believing Saurians can only survive the coming apocalypse by evolving into serpents. The real Zin-Guna fled the City when he rose to power, taking refuge in the Sky-Gardens. In order to flush out his rival, Rha-Tusha pressed Kretch into taking on Zin-Guna’s identity and raiding Hominid villages in order to destroy the real Zin-Guna’s reputation among the Hominids. Kretch only went along with it in order to protect her eggs.

Hearing this, the adventurers tempered their bloodlust somewhat. They put her fate to a tribal vote, deciding between execution and maiming (cutting off her tail). In the end, the tribe was merciful and voted to only maim Kretch. Her cries echoed through the swamp as her tail was sliced off.

Goals Achieved

  • Rescue tribe
  • Find leads on tech (get from Zin-Guna)
  • Serve justice


  • The false Zin-Guna, Kretch, who’d burned Klag and Feather’s village and many others, was acting not out of ambition but out of maternal instinct: to save her eggs, she had to obey the orders of the one who’d captured them, a Saurian cult-leader called Rha-Tusha.



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