History and Culture

The Fall of the Ancestors

Each tribe and clan has its own tale of what befell, but the most common version tells of a great comet. The Ancestors, with all their godlike power, were brought low when it struck the region now known only as the Zone.

Now, the rusting remnants of Ancestral technology are bound by dust and vines. The Saurians, who claim to descend from the Ancestors, still inhabit the old high capital, but only in makeshift hovels.

They know their end is near, though. Their birth rate has dropped due to mysteriously thinning egg shells. Meanwhile, Hominid tribes are on the rise.

Enter into this mix a struggle between cultic factions, some trying to forestall and others to hasten the Final Destruction of the world.

Saurian Culture

Saurian society is strictly divided between the Sharptooths, or carnivores, and the Grassfeeders, or herbivores. While both need each other, the arrangement is unequal. The Sharptooths lord over the Grassfeeders. Their aristocratic privileges extend even to killing and consuming the Grassfeeders as food.

Meanwhile, Saurian religion is highly eschatological. The great civilization has already met its doom, and now the remaining remnant looks toward the Final Destruction of the world with a mix of foreboding and fervor. Cults and factions vie to bring about their vision of the end.

Hominid Society

The Hominid tribes are upstarts in this world, and they know it. Myths tell of the extinction of whole tribes, bearing witness to the dangers of this world. Nevertheless, the Hominids are ambitious, refusing domination by any other species. They prize their independence, and assert it more boldly day by day.

Unruly as they are, they are also generous – to a fault even, according to some Saurians. They keep peculiar habits, such as nursing their young and caring for the disabled. Some say this helps bind them together as a group. Others just call it folly.

In any case, the Hominids have risen from a fringe species to a fearful force. Saurians beware: the Sky Riders and Mud Raiders are coming.

History and Culture

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