This page links to videos, music, and imagery for inspiration.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

This upcoming PS4 game incorporates elements similar to our world, like rusting cities overtaken by jungle, and some interesting concepts, like hunting android dinosaurs for particular parts and using special strategies to bring them down.

Yor: Hunter from the Future

Why does he have a blaster? Some questions are best left unasked…

Clash of the Empires

Not saying this movie’s good, just saying it’s got Homo floresiensis!

Quest for Fire

Now this one is good. This is a classic in prehistoric cinema, well worth watching in full. I imagine the Mud People much like the tribe of the female lead (you can see glimpses of that mud-painted tribe in this trailer). By the way, it bills itself as “science fantasy”, but it’s a straight prehistoric epic with no futuristic elements.


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