The two intelligent species on the planet are the Saurians and Hominids, each of whom boast numerous subspecies. A few of them are listed here.

Most species of Saurians and Hominids share roughly similar size and intelligence, and walk on two legs. Beyond that, they may differ greatly.

Saurian Species


Velociraptor Sapiens
Traits: +1 Nimble, -1 Tough

These Sharptooths are fast, lithe, and vicious. Their sharp, dagger-like talons make formidable natural weapons. Their light build makes them quick, but also vulnerable. Consequently, Dromae martial arts have tended toward rapid attacks and hit-and-run tactics.


Segnosaurus Sapiens
Traits: +1 Muscular, -1 Nimble

This brawny Grassfeeder species sports feathers and long, sword-like claws. Strong but slow, they make for hardy workers and fearsome front-line fighters.

Hominid Species


Sky People
Homo Floresiensis
Traits: +1 Tenacious, -1 Muscular

These diminutive Hominids stand roughly 3-4 feet tall with stubby noses and dark skin. They make up for their weak stature with grit and ambition. Having wrested the mountainous region of Nosrac from the Saurians and mastered the art of taming and riding ptera, they are not to be underestimated.


Mud People
Homo Sapiens Sapiens
Traits: Standard

These Cro-Magnon Hominids stand 5-6 feet tall. Their name comes from their choice of bodily decoration: colored mud in designs all over their body. They live in the jungles of the Lianas, but have begun expanding into bordering areas. Tall, lean, and versatile, they make frightful raiders.

Size Comparison



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