Once we ruled the world.

Now we cower in fear of the Great Ones – part beast, part machine. They shake the earth with their feet. They are the rulers now. We are but hatchlings.

We cower, hiding in the shadows of rusting towers. Remnants of our ancestors are in the dust: strange devices with symbols we can no longer read. How great we once were! But those days are gone. Now, our priests look to the stars to divine why our egg shells are thinning. They are fools, though. No one knows the reason. We only know our days are numbered.

Meanwhile, the Hominids grow bolder day by day. From jungle and mountain they come. From the sky too, riding the soaring ptera. They raid our clans, stealing our ancestral devices and crushing our eggs.

O Ancestors, where are you? Your hatchlings cry for help, but who answers?

Only the wind answers.

—From the Song of Ko-gila, Saurian clansinger


At the heart of this game is a simple philosophy:

• Depth is fun.
• Depth comes not from complicated design, but from simple design that evolves complexity.

Light is a rules-light, prep-light game that demands no pre-design from the GM and invites players to collaboratively create the world and direct the story. Everything you find on this site was generated by our playtest group at the table on the fly.

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