Chapter 9. The Siege


Last time, the adventurers barely fought off an attack by a horde of sea-scorpions. They temporarily routed them, but didn’t defeat them. The horde camped just outside the entrance to their complex, preparing for a second assault.

Besieged thus, the adventurers connived a plan to break out. The scorpions had suspended vine-nets over the entrance to prevent pteranadons from flying out. Scraeeeaczck used a Gridcast to dessicate the vines, then they sent forward a force to torch the vine-nets. Then Klag burst through the still-flaming vines on a pteranadon. He dodged two further nets launched by catapults and broke out into the open air where he could attack from above with arrows.

Meanwhile, the others attacked the horde. Feather took aim at the leader on a palanquin, presumably the tyrannical !Glah, and hit him several times. In response, !Glah used a gridcast to create a strange, shimmering barrier in front of his troops and around himself. Any projectiles fired into the wall lost all their kinetic energy upon striking it.

This posed a formidable defense, but Gritsle snuck into stealth position and fired his laser obtained from the pelicans, which passed right through the kinetic wall. It was a crack shot, and fried !Glah to a crisp.

Upon seeing their leader killed, the horde of sea-scorpions panicked and routed.

The adventurers obtained some mechanical items from the corpse of !Glah, and captured a retreating scorpion, then chased the routing horde by air back toward their home.

Finally, as they pursued the horde, they saw in the distance an apparent sign of !Glah’s home base, a geyser of sewage spewing up out of the mangrove swamp.



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