Chapter 6. The Swamps


Emboldened by forming a new mixed-race tribe of Hominids and Saurians, the adventurers set off with a mission: kill the false Zin-Guna.

After picking up her trail, a weeks-long chase ensued in which Zin-Guna fled into the swampy, polluted region known as The Sink. The adventurers followed her in, and stalked her like a wild animal. When they closed in on her, though, she was not easy prey.

First, she caught Sckraeeaczck in a net trap. Then she impaled Amblys with a sharpened stick-javelin. She also managed to hit Feather with a javelin, and nearly evaded capture by swimming under the brackish swamp waters, breathing through a reed.

However, at long last, the elements themselves came to the adventurer’s aid. Feather raised his hands and prayed to the ancestors for aid. It’s not entirely clear whether it was merely a coincidence or not, but a strange rain began to fall. It left inky violet clouds in the waters where it fell. And where it struck the adventurer’s skin, it caused sizzling pain. It seemed to be some kind of acid.

All were harrassed by this putrid violet precipitation, but none more so than the false Zin-Guna. Perhaps a droplet had fallen directly into her reed breathing tube and burned her lungs? It was not quite clear, but she surfaced, writhing in agony. The adventurers quickly took her captive, and now have her at their mercy at last.



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