Chapter 13. The Future Is the Past


Aw man, where to even begin? So you used the proving rock to open the suspended animation pod in the craft, and out came a hominid in an eye patch with camoflauge pants hiked up above his belly button. “Call me Snake,” he said. Though he appeared a hardened loner at first, Amblys managed to cow him into becoming a team player. He was sent into the future by Saurian scientists to find out how to solve their climate change crisis, but something apparently went wrong and the craft ended up crashing back into the planet, initiating the very cataclysm it was launched to prevent. With all of you working together, you managed to destroy a number of incoming comets, fend off another humping-attack of the eyeball-saurus, then get the craft running again and travel back (forward?) in time to before the cataclysm. Unfortunately, you had a stow-away: the cyber-allosaurus that Feather bulls-eyed in its cyborg eye so long ago. The local Defense Force’s energy weapons only mutated into it a much bigger and stronger creature. Fortunately, prehistoric courage came to the rescue: Klag managed to pin the creature in place with deft maneuvering of a mag-lev ptera-fighter so that a well-aimed government-launched missile could effectively collapse a building onto it and take it out. Meanwhile, Feather got strapped into a Lawnmower Man-style VR machine to amplify his Gridcasting and managed to focus his power enough to sequester the carbon out of the atmosphere and form it into a giant ball of ash. The attempt very nearly failed, but a last-minute assist from Scraeeeaczck saved the day. The plan was to have it hit the Sink (in order to preserve the timeline?), but at the last minute Feather diverted it into the ocean. There was a blinding flash of light, and then…

We’ll find out what happens next time!



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